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Deep Reds, Frozen Berries, DIY Fabulous

Getting Married in A Venue's Off Season is a Great Way to Save money without sacrificing The Venue of your dreams! Andrew and Alexis received our Off season Discount, without sacrificing Service for Their February Wedding and Reception!

This Couple Used Real Cranberries (Frozen) for an economical way to incorporate their colors AND the Time of Year into their Centerpieces! The Pine cones are from their Yard, and the Votives they used were made with real Twigs. They Also Saved Money by using Our Vases and Mirrored Trays! Beautiful and Budget Friendly!

Absolutely LOVE this Cake!

We used Pin Spot lighting to Highlight Their Head table. This is an affordable and awesome way to highlight ANY thing that you want extra focus to be on. This is especially great for the Winter when it gets dark earlier. The Custom GOBO (Names on the wall), also adds a very affordable way to make a custom backdrop. We design all of our Gobos here. :)

A little bit of Sequins and Bling Goes a LONG way to making your wedding look Polished and a bit Glam. We provided them with this Gorgeous Sequin Runner that highlights their head table, and makes a great backdrop for close up detail shots.

Napkins are also a very Affordable way to add a pop of Color to a design. We Provided them with these deep red napkins as well. Its a nice thing to provide for guests, plus, it is much more affordable than Full Linens, as a way to incorporate your Color.

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