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A New Years Eve Wedding Bash!

Nothing says Glamorous like a New years Eve Wedding, and Bethanie and Jordan did it right! They had over 150 flickering candles, Custom Up-lighting and Gobos, and just the right amount of Sequins to make us swoon. Their Color Palette of of Burgundy and Gold, with hints of Blush was Bold and Stylish for a Winter Soiree! They had both their Ceremony and Reception in the Grand Ballroom, and everything went off without a hitch. Such a Great Couple and such a fun Party!

The Ceremony- White rose petals and Tons of Candles lined the aisle leading to a twinkle lit backdrop

The Sweetheart Table--After the Flip--We re-used the "LOVE" letters in the head table design for this awesome silhouette effect!

Gorgeous Use of the Tri-Panel Pipe and Drape Backdrop we built Custom for this couple! We also Designed an art Deco Monogram for them to highlight the cake and add some personality.

Aren't they Cute?!

Cant Forget the party Favors for New Years. They Made good use of Our Piano Bar!

Love Scraped and Naked cakes with Fresh Flowers and Gold Sequins!!


And Last But not Least! These are just SOME of theSpecialty Cocktails Served by The Pavilions own Bar-tender and Lead Mixologist--Evan Culp! These are Specialty Champagne drinks including one with Rock Candle and one with Cotton Candy!

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