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A Sapphire and Crystal Dream!

Okay, before I go into the excellence of this wedding, I have to say how great the people are! We had a special speech from the Bride's mother who had our boys in blue stand up and be acknowledged for going out and policing our streets to keep us safe. Very Cool!!

Now on to the actual, beautiful wedding! Katie and Brian had a royal blue and white wedding with amazing florals from Village Gardens that graced every table and even graced the beautiful FIVE tiered cake that Baked Expressions Custom Wedding Cakes made!

For those of you that are thinking about planning a seating chart and are not sure about how to decorate the table, these wooden initials are a great, whimsical way to decorate without spending a ton of cash.

Speaking of great! Check out this guestbook alternative. The newlyweds will be able to hang this frame on the wall and see all of their loved ones that attended their special day. What a great day to remember all those important people!

A trend happening with the weddings that are being held at our venue is having an archway. This arch is from Village Gardens and shows off the varying blue colors with white and pink accents. Very classy!

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