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A Great Gasby Soiree!

I don't know about you...But I just LOVE a Themed Wedding and Reception!! This couple went all out for their Great Gasby/Bonnie and Clyde Themed Soiree! Feathers, Flapper Girl Bridesmaid Dresses, ShotGun Shell Boutonnieres, Sequins...The Works! The Black and White Linens gave the Party a Very Classic Feel. Black and White (and other Neutrals as well) are Timeless. The Feathers in The Centerpieces, Headbands for the Bridesmaids, and on the Cake really gave this event a fun and Whimsical Vibe, while also creating a cohesive theme. I Loved the Prop usage and also the gorgeous Art Deco Gobo that we created on the wall behind the head table! This theme was just PERFECT for this venue with our Antique Tiled Ceilings and Crystal Chandeliers! Kansas City has a very Rich History of 1920's Gangsters and Flappers from the 1920's, and This wedding and Reception really Captured the Glamorous side of it. PLUS, It was awesome for Halloween Weekend! :)

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