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Blush, Ivory, and Bling!

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs Guinn!

Michelle and Kahlil Wanted a Bright and Glamorous Sunday Wedding and Reception, and they pulled it off famously! The Blush Specialty Linens really lightened up the room and gave it a warm feel and rich Texture, while the rhinestones on the vases (AND HER AMAZING WEDDING SNEAKERS!!) gave just the right amount of GLAM to the design. They Topped it off with Fresh Calla Lilies in the Bouquets, On the Guest sign in, and on The Cake. The Main Cake was placed in a very unique design which created a sleek and visually interesting shape, and it too, was lit from below. The Grooms Cake, (K-State Themed), and The cupcakes, were placed on a separate Table, but looked equally as delicious! They also had touches of Blush colored Roses and Blush Colored Up-lighting in the room to tie in the Linens, and the fresh rose petals made the rose smell wonderful! They Highlighted their Sweetheart Table with a Plush Floral centerpiece and Mr. and Mrs Sign (Sparkle of course!) and an Over-sized Gobo and Lighting. They also chose to Have a Cocktail Hour in the Jr Ballroom, highlighted by Crystal Candelabras, back lit in a blush tone as well. Such a gorgeous couple!! I just LOVE my job! :)

Flowers by: Dixons Designs

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