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Sometimes the Most Beautiful Part of a Wedding has nothing to do with Decor. :)

There is No doubt that Rachel and Austin had a BEAUTIFUL Summer Wedding. Navy Specialty Linens with Silver Sequin and Satin accents graced all of the Tables, Contrasted with fabulous Butter Chair sashes and Coral Lighting and Napkins. Their centerpieces were adorned with rhinestones and the room was a lit with flickering candles and up-lighting. But even despite this, The most beautiful moment of the Night ( at least for me), was the dance between Rachel and her Mother. We all watched with tears of joy in our eyes, such an amazing sight to behold. Even despite the Chemotherapy, Rachel's mother was part of every detail in the planning process. I was SO HAPPY to see the year of planning and hard work, come to such a beautiful close. THIS is what makes my job so worthwhile. While I absolutely LOVE designing weddings and making things beautiful....NOTHING I could do, could ever match the Beauty of Moments like these with those that we Love. THIS is what is is all about. :) ENJOY!

Photo Credit: Pond Photography

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